Ballock dagger with sheath (collectible)

Ballock dagger with sheath (collectible)

Ballock / Bollock Dagger with Sheath, Collectible

Replica of an early form of Scottish Dirk. It is Brand New and in Mint condition. Overall Length is

 15 .5" / 39cm. Blade Length is 10.5"/26cm. Blade width is 1.25"/3cm. Blade thickness is 2 mm, Blade material is 1055 High Carbon Steel, unsharpened. Comes with good quality leather sheath with belt loop. weighs 0.215 grams.

Carbon steel butt for extra strength. The blade is long and double-edged. Made to use alone, with a shield and sword, or just with a basket-hilt claymore. This is a replica of an early version of the dirk.

Good quality at a great price.


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