Damascus steel axe with Viking runes (DM13)

Damascus steel axe with Viking runes (DM13)

Beautiful Damascus steel axe with Runes handle, very unique.  All our axes are handmade so you will never find 2 exactly the same and of course the Damascus steel head is always a unique pattern.
Fabulous and intricately patterned, HARD and sharp Damascus steel axe. Everything about this axe is beautiful and a pleasure to handle and own.15.5 inch / 39 cm long on a styled hardwood leather wrapped handle with an embossed leather, with belt loop, 3 stud fastening, tough cover for safekeeping.  Has 4.5 inch / 11.5cm x 5.5 inch/14 cm axe head.  Total weight 0.645g
Great for the collector and also has practical use in the outdoor pursuits / re-enactments. A fantastic addition to any collection and at a very good price point for Damascus.
As far as our research can tell us Damascus steel axes were used all over the ancient worlds and were highly sought after by many cultures including Vikings.
The runes from top to bottom are Othala,land of birth / Mannaz, mankind / The serpent/  Algiz, protection/ Tiwaz,Victory/Hagalaz,freedom of air/Gebo,gift/Frey.
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