Drinking goblet with SENSATIONAL viking icons

Drinking goblet with SENSATIONAL viking icons

A truly beautiful work of art.  A drinking goblet for the Viking aficionado and a magnificent gift for anyone.  We cannot praise the design details highly enough, featuring Odin on one side and Odin's raven on the other, all encapsulated on the Dragon Viking longship !  A sensational item and with this fantastic quality a SENSATIONAL price.  Imagine the happiness on your Viking's face when they unpack this wonderful gift !

Weight    0.75kg
Depth    10cm
Width    16.5cm
Height    25cm
Colour    Bronze
Material    Cold Cast Bronze.

holds 300ml liquid  

Cold-cast bronze, also known as bonded bronze, is a mixture of resin and bronze powder. Sculptures made of cold-cast bronze are created by pouring the resin/bronze mixture directly into a mold. 

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