Helm of awe Viking shield

Helm of awe Viking shield

 am pleased to offer this Viking shield etched and hand carved by me with 2 Helm of Awe engravings.

For the ultimate protection, the Norse would draw this symbol between their eyes on their forehead. They were also popularly drawn on the inside of helmets so that they would rest between the eyes. The Old Norse word for the Helm of Awe is “Ægishjálmr,” which also means “helm of terror.”

Hand made in England stained planked wood. 24 inch /61mm shield

perfect size for handling, handmade in as close to authentic Viking manner as is possible, with spruce planks not plywood for durability and pliability, Viking shield with thick real rawhide edging ( NOT dog chews !) and riveted/nails (like was used by the Vikings). Steel black hammered boss is 12 gauge, 3mm thick and is an 8 inch circle, should be plenty of room if you wear a gauntlet. weighs 3.5 kilos.

Very well made piece, that will take a beating or a great display item


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