Ravens with Vegivsir bearded Viking axe

Ravens with Vegivsir bearded Viking axe

A lovely design of Vegvisir with runes and Ravens flying over the tree of life (Yggdrasil)  Iconic Viking symbols are presented on this bearded axe.

18-inch leather wrapped hardwood handle with runes engraved. A 6.inch  (15 cm) cutting blade edge, carbon steel, already sharp but may be sharpened more with a whetstone and water.

Complete with double stitched great quality leather cover with belt loop and 3 stud fastening.

weighs 0.825grams


The runes from top to bottom are Othala,land of birth / Mannaz, mankind / The serpent/  Algiz, protection/ Tiwaz,Victory/Hagalaz,freedom of air/Gebo,gift/ and Frey


A very nice and unique handmade piece.


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