Rune symbol planked Viking shield

Rune symbol planked Viking shield

Dark stained wood with white Runes, Viking shield. The runes from top right reading clockwise in first picture are: Algiz (protection ) Fehu (wealth) Tiwaz (warrior) and Uruz (strength)

All my shields are handmade by me so they are true on-offs NOT mass produced

Hand crafted and painted by hand in England. Reverse is stained dark wood colour.

perfect size for handling, handmade with spruce planks not plywood, Viking shield with thick rawhide edging and riveted/nails (like was used by the Vikings). Steel black hammered boss is 12 gauge, 3mm thick and is an 8 inch circle, should be plenty of room if you wear a gauntlet. weighs 3.5 kilos.

Very well made piece, that will take a beating or a great display item.




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